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Half report on last night / half request for ideas on targets and kit?

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Thought I'd post a report of my first proper night out with my new Skywatcher 250PX FlexTube GOTO.

And also ask for ideas on what's next? in terms of targets and also other pieces of kit is useful.

This time it was seated on some decking and had plenty of room. Alignment was fine (really like the Laser Colli by Baader Planetarium). This night I think Saturn was clearer the rings were more defined, and could see more detail on the planet itself. (Through it was rather small even with a 5mm, think I need a Barlow of a smaller EP as well)

I picked a list of targets to see, couldnt make out M51, but spotted M81 & M82, those were just blurrs but I was expecting that. M3 & M92 were very impressive Clusters, was the first time I had seen those before.

All in all I was very satisfied with that I had seen.

So I'm thinking whats next, at the moment got a 24mm and a 5mm Hyperion EP from Baader, plus now a 25mm and a 10mm Plossal from the Skywatcher telescope. Any filters I should be thinking of getting to improve quality of light as I'm viewing from a backyard. And I think I need to get more EP's as well, suggestions?

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If I were you I would hold off from buying anything for a while. Get to grips with the sky and consider what you like doing. Are you going to focus on planetary observing, or will you become a DSO-freak. Different EP suit each activity, so wait and see. Filters are little use for DSOs, so you may not require any, unless light pollution is a major issue. If you're a planetary person, then some filters may be the way to go.

You may decide to get into imaging, in which case there will be a huge variety of ways for you to be parted from your cash...

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Well okay, recommandations for viewing the planets better? even with my highest EP (5mm) Saturn was rather small, would a Barlow help?

And any other good targets for viewing in a light polluted town?

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I'm really new to all this and absolutely no expert but here's my experience...

I've spent a long time looking at Saturn through a 10mm ep since getting my 250 scope and loved very second of it.

Barlowed x2 (=5mm ep), it's blurry and indistinct but definitely bigger.

I'm saving up for a 7 or 8mm ep of decent quality to make it look as good as the 10mm but bigger.

**** advice, I know but it's just my experience!

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