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Hi Trev,

Haven't come across that brand myself, or heard of it either, so can't comment from experience.

However, as with all things - especially in our hobby - you get what you pay for. Forty quid, new, for three Plössls just seems too good to be true. The Revelation Photo-Visual EP Kit is well thought of, and gives you an idea of where the price point really is for reasonable quality, affordable EP sets.

As to the pros and cons of ready made sets vs individually acquiring each EP, well the discussion can be endless. I don't think that there is any black/white answer - it'll all depend on your budget, needs and 'scope. For your 'scope (Celestron's PowerSeeker 114EQ) you wouldn't go far wrong with the Revelation EP Kit, it'll give you a good range of useful magnifications as well as all that you need to get started and more.

HTH :icon_eek:

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I've used the 16mm from that set and it's an OK plossl but no more than that.

The sets are OK but you need to be sure that you will use all the items in it otherwise they are not such good value.

It's hard the beat the TMB planetary eyepieces and their clones at around £36 each.

Eyepieces are precision optical instruments just like scopes so you get what you pay for of course.

One or two good ones are better than half a dozen mediocre ones in my opinion - why hamper the potential of your scope by putting low quality optics into the optical path ?.

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