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limiting magnitide


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The sky is exceptionally good tonight. I recently moved a few miles down the road and the recent haze had me believe that the light pollution was far worse.

I've just been out and done an estimate based on stars visible in and around Ursa minor and come up with a figure around 4.90 - 4.95. I could just make out M81 and M82 in my 15x70 bins. Whilst not great it's much better than I thought as i could hardly see orions sword before, even when there appeared to be no clouds. The downside is that I've just been for a night out and my usually very tolerant girlfriend doesn't want me clanking around with the scope. The best night in months and I can't even take advantage!

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I always find that the best nights are during the week when I'm at work, sods law really, last night was the first night I've been out for ages, hope tonight's clear as I'm off work tomorrow.

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