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Cloudspotting Documentary 5th April


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If the clouds are getting to you I suppose you could always resort to watching this repeated documentary. :)


BBC4 Tue 5th April 7:30pm to 9:00pm

Documentary bringing to life Gavin Pretor-Pinney's bestseller The Cloudspotter's Guide, which draws on science, meteorology and mythology for a magical trip through the world of clouds. From the ethereal cirrus to the scary cumulonimbus, it tells the story of the short but eventful life of clouds and their importance to our planet. We find out how huge quantities of water can stay in the sky for so long, how lightning and thunder are created and the possible existence of a new type of cloud.


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Going to watch that, then start cloud gazing. Then the skies will be clear so I will sneak the scope out.

Just thought what I will actually get is a layer of non descript uniform cloud that cannot be catagorised and yet still block the stars.

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Before getting into astronomy, I was an avid cloudspotter! (I'm even a member of the 'cloudspotters society!! Shame!!:grin:)

I have 'The cloudspotters' guide', and I can thoroughly recommend it as a great read..at the risk of getting lynched!

In and ideal world, fluffy clouds in the day....gorgeous cloudless skies at night....:)

Never gonna happen!!!!!

Ok....ok....I'm terminating my membership!!! No clouds wins out!!B)

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The prog has been on before ... entertaining enough in its way; the presenter is an eccentric in the best tradition of British amateur scientists.

Another prog which has been on before is the extended March edition of "The Sky at Night" which is being repeated on BBC4 next Sunday evening, in fact the whole evening is space / astronomy themed - something to do with commemorating 50 years of manned space flight, I think. If the sky happens to be clear, there's always the video recorder, or the BBC iPlayer service.

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