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Rosette Nebula SGL6 Hubble


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Hi again all,

This is my second image with the megrez 72mm and the Astronomik narrow band filters and this time I've chosen a target that will do them justice :)

So here we have 6x10 minute subs in Ha/OIII/SII

Dark skies make such a difference.

Minimal processing on the laptop in the field camera etc as sig.

I love it!

If it appears over stretched on any ones monitor please let me know as this laptop screen isn't the best.

Cheers all



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Wowser Matt that's a Cracker :icon_eek:

Sorry I didnt say more than a passing hello at SGL6...


No worries Peter! With so little time and so many people for you to get through (oooeeerr missus) A hello was more than enough! Again thanks for the Bahtinov, without it I wouldn't have used the scope!

Thanks again chap's, I feel that this image justified SGL6 on it's own.

I've just got in from SGL6 and couldn't wait to show the missus! and her words "That's not your picture"

Anyways, all you imagers are what brought me into the Darkside of astronomy, so I thank you all!

Clear Skies


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That's a well colourful image. which filters do you use for that amount of colour? I'd like to do some imaging with my sw150pl and philips spc900 webcam, could I expect to acheive any images that might resemble yours. I know my kit isn't as big or expensive but i would be thrilled to get pics fractionally as good as that.

yours in awe,


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That looks even better now than when I saw it at SGL – If you need me to convince “Mrs Squid” that it is indeed all your own work then I am happy to be a witness :icon_eek:


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