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what can I expect to see with my new bins

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Hi all,

I'm a newbe to astronomy and have started out with the basics, I have celestron 25 X 75 bins, tripod & a couple of starmaps.

My bins came yesterday (tripod came this morning) and I viewed a few things last night but got a bit lost. I was blown away by how much you can see though! I saw a cluster of stars in the direction of coma berenices but could do with some pointers please!!

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I agree there's loads to see out there just waiting to be found. Bunnygod1 has already provided you a link to Stellarium, great piece of software, I'd also recommend a good book, Turn Left at Orion, this should help you immensely in navigating your way around the sky.



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Thanks for the advice, I have downloaded the stellarium program and just joined Lincoln Astronomical Society. I'm going up there tomorrow night there a chat a chance to view their scope cant wait

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There is also another free program called TUBA reference to it in the bins section, specially for bino users, star maps you can reconfigure to what you want, print off and take outside in a plastic sleeve, you should enjoy the LAS, it really will broaden your horizons.


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