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What To Buy For Astrophotography ?

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Well I'm up and running on my LXD75 SN8".

Got the hang of it all fairly easily and also have it linked to the pc.

Had to make my own cable though as they wanted far too much for them.

So now i'm thinking of an imager.

I've seen a Meade DSI for sale used for 120.

But I'm not sure of the spec difference between that and the

newer DSI II Colour. Currently the only one on meads site.

Obviously i'd like the biggest ccd for the least money

I'm not even sure if i need colour if i'm stacking images.

Any advice would be great.


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The big difference is the chip size, i have attach links with the spec for all three, there are two types the Colour and the pro (mono ) which is the more sensitive, you can check the field of view of sky on autostar suit, select the telescope tab, then click on set telescope fields, in the drop downs enter your scope and the DSI type 1 2 or 3 and it will show you the field of view it will provide, you can also do it for EP's as well.

Meade Instruments Corporation - Meade Deep Sky Imager

Meade Instruments Corporation - Deep Sky Imager II Specifications

Meade Instruments - Deep Sky Imager III

Meade only do the DSI 2 now, the DSI 3 was discontinued a few month ago (some dealers still have them but your looking at £700 plus unless you can get one second hand), and the older DSI 1 you'll only be able to get second hand.


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Thanks for the spec.

I tried using autostar but even the latest version is pretty terrible to use.

Seems they expect you to memorise every button.

It doesn't seem to scoll around the sky either.

I can only get it to do NSEW, maybe that's normal.

But I think i'll look for an alternative software if there is any.

Stellarium is far better for looking around and telescope control

But for imaging, who knows.

I've seen a cheap-ish DSI Colour for sale.

I'm not sure what to go for really.

Looking at the examples from the DSI on meads site i'd be happy if my pics look like that, but they are small.

I'll look for a DSI 2 in the US.

They want too much money for them here.

Even with duty it's still going to be far far less.

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