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Stellarium will not 'start' my telescope

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I have got my USB / R232 adapter today, so I have plugged my handset into my PC and switched the mount on to upload drivers etc and get a feel for working with Stellarium.

The driver is recognised and Stellarium recognises my scope. I have gone through the set up but now it won't let me 'start' the scope.

Does anyone have any idea what I am doing wrong? I have left everything to default so far. Can someone please help me get up and running?

I know that I don't have the scope on, but the mount is powered, and the handset is plugged in, so it should be working right?

** OK, got it started now, by choosing port COM3 - But it is showing as connected, but it will not move to any object despite me pressing CTRL and 1 (It's scope #1)

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Should have said it's a little fiddly to get it all working, read through the pre-reqs here EQMOD and download the software including the ASCOM drivers, download StelleriumScope from Astronomy - StellariumScope

Install ASCOM drivers, EQASCOM and stelleriumscope.

From memory, you then run Programs->EQMOD->EQASCOM->Toolbox, I think you need to click Register, then under Setup select EQASCOM, and click Driver Setup and select SyntaEQ in mount options, select the correct COM port and enter your location, then click OK. Click Test Connect and EQASCOM should start up and connect to your scope.

Next, start stellerium and clear out the scope mount types and close it.

Next start StelleriumScope, click Select Mount and select "EQMOD EQASCOM EQ5/6" and click ok.

I think next you tick Connect, then click "update Stellerium configuration"

Next click start stellerium.

I'll need to connect mine up for more but that is almost all of it... just ask if you get stuck or have questions.


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Hi Sara,

I have my telescope working via Stellarium but occasionally it loses contact and does nothing when I press Ctrl 1 so this is what I do:

With Stellarium running go to 'Configuration Window' then 'Plugins' then 'Telescope Control'. After that click on 'Configure' and 'Configure' again. Then click OK and 'Connect'. This usually is enough to unfreeze the 'scope and start it running again. I don't know why it freezes but this method works for me.

Hope this helps.


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Thanks for that - It's looking clear tonight, so hope to get out and play properly!!

Can I just confirm that I PA as usual, and also align as usual - then let Stellarium take over from there? (If I can get it working!)

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I would almost bet my house on it being the serial to USB converter. Had exactly the same prob and wasted a fortnight, then somebody suggested I get the one Astronomiser sells. I did and it worked instantly.

And yeah, you have to align first :-)

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Can't comment on PA ? As I'm Alt Az for my mount and don't have a wedge however, I normally two star auto align and then align to a known object ideally a planet.

Make sure you have used the right COM port and edited the config


You should then see something like this on screen


My scope is called New Telescope 1 as I can't be bothered changing it.

You then just click on an object with your mose / mousepad and then press Ctrl + 1 and the scope slews to that object.

(or at least mine does) hope yours does to



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Thanks all - It's working now!!! I went into device manager and managed to see that it was working out of COM18, so set that and off it went - Thanks so much, wouldn't have managed without you guys!

So onto great things .................. Not!!! Sitting here with my ipod on and checking my alignment in PHD!

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