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Well Hello to all!


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Newbie here!

My wife bought me my first telescope at christmas (a Skywatcher Explorer 130m) which I loved albeit briefly.

She said she wouldn't mind if I got into it and got an upgrade, so I am now the proud owner of a Meade ETX125PE which is a different kettle of fish altogether.

Light pollution is a bit of an issue here in Bournemouth, as have weather conditions been of late.

Looked to the forum a couple of times whilst researching various items, and thought it was about time that I dove in!

Anyway, hi to all, and I hope I may have something to add at some point!


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Lovely part of the world it is fair to say, let's hope it's not the washout it was last year though, hired a beach hut from the friday, and saw precisely nothing, the Typhoon was awesome in 2009 though!

Thursday & Friday were good.

The Vulcan was out on the Thursday & Typhoon Friday - only a quick check out of the area.

My fave was the Dutch F-16 she was just stunning. Also scarred the life out of me, when they did a practice run on the Wednesday !

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Welcome to SGL!

I am with you on the light pollution, I'm not far from you in Poole so we share the same night glow! Still if these clouds clear we might see a bit of Saturn tonight?!


Edit: The airshow rocks, better luck this year with the weather (the Vulcan is my fav)

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I'm just opposite Queens Park, so get less than most, but the next door neighbour but one likes floodlighting his garden from time to time! (Not to self, must have a word for them to have it switched off on clear nights)

It's a possibility that we'll lose the cloud cover between about 8 and 10, here's hoping!

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Certainly seems like a great place to be (so far)

Welcome to SGL. I'm pretty new here myself but so far I have found the forum to be a great resource. Loads of advice when asked for and lots of encouragement if you post any images.

Cheers, Chris

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