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I got myself a new telescope yesterday and with half decent sky tonight I took it out for the first time.

With a Skywatcher 250 PX FlexTube GOTO, how important is it to have the mount resting on level ground. I had on a lawn that is at a downward angle of at least 10 degrees. I wasnt quite sure of the alignment, but it found Saturn's general location.

All in all I'm rather impressed with it so far, like the Goto mount, the collapsing dob is nifty and collimation is easier with easy adjusting screws at the back of the primary mirror. I am very hopeful I should be able to see more out of this then my last which was a Celestron C6 NGT

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I think you will find the more level it is the better it will perform even though the handset software allows for some slope. 2 star alignment is usually best using a high power eyepiece for more accuracy.

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