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Saturn in superb seeing

Paul Haese

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Thought I might post some images here. Apparently there is a chap here who says I use too much Hue and Saturation in all my images. Decide for yourselves.

For the record I hardly use any saturation and never touch the hue. Sometimes one does go over good data with fresh eyes to ensure that one has a pleasing image.

Click here for large resample

Click here for later image

Feel free to comment.

The resampled data before it was resampled is below. Kind of cute but we all love to see a large planet. Don't we?:)


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That is absolutely amazing, looks like Cassini imagery :):icon_eek:B)

That cooled C14 is DA BOMB!!!!!


Luís Campos

P.S. Been using your planetary processing workflow lately on Registax 5....thanks! :grin: Big fan of your work, keep it up!

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Looks nice to me, clearly not a case of adding saturation because of poor data, like in my case ( 34 degrees uk ) seems pretty balanced to me. i like a lot of colour, theres arguments maybe for too much, or even not enough colour. Not everyone is going to agree 100% of the time i dont think. I dont think anything was meant by it Paul, likely just discussions of style maybe? thats my take. Anyway once again looks good to me.

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Quite superb, very obviously. Wonderful resolution especially in the colour variations. I'm a DS imager so have no real planetary experience but (don't throw anything at me!!) I probably would drop the saturation a tad. But if that is how you like it, stand by it!

Lovely image, lovely planet. You've done it proud.


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Thanks guys, all comments are appreciated. I hope this year we will finally get some more good seeing down our way instead of having to travel to the west coast of Australia. It has been quite some time now since the seeing was really good here. This might well be the start.


I thank you all for your words regarding my images and let me know if I can help in anyway. If you have any questions regarding capture or processing please let me know. I am more than happy to help.:)

That tutorial on my site needs an update or two. It has been on the site for several years now and some of my techniques have changed since then due to the inclement seeing I have had to change my techniques a little. It was designed as a primer for those that find processing daunting and want a bit of a helping hand to get started.

Now for some more of that nice seeing. Clear and still skies to all.

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