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Pinhole Photography and Solargraphy


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The whole idea of a pinhole camera is the very small aperture so it is very unlikely that it would be sensitive enough to record any stars.

It's like using a DSLR with a lens at something like f128 or f256 or smaller. To record a subject normally takes a lot of minutes/hours so a long night shot would work with a static foreground being resolved but there would be no sky details other than light pollution.

This is a reasonable example from flickr and I think the 'stars' are probably artifacts as they doesn't exhibit that much trailing considering it was an 8 hour exposure.


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Thanks Kev, that image it quite interesting, shows no stars just the moon. I suppose Reciprocity Law Failure could be a factor as well.

I understand how a pinhole camera works just never tried to do that with it, wondered if it was worth giving it a go. Probably not (unless the moon is out and there is an interesting foreground lit) going on the image.

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