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hi to you all

my name is clive,im from mansfield in the uk,iv been intrested in astronomy since i first saw saturn through a 3" refractor scope 20 years ago,i now have a "skywatcher auto tracking 200mm dob and a canon eos 1000d camera so hoping to get some good pics,but before i get there ill be asking a lot of questions as i am still trying to understand the camera instruction book,so ill be looking forward to all your answers :D

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Hello Clive and Welcome to the SGL. I have a Skywatcher 200p on a EQ5 with Synscan Tracking and an Canon EOS 350D. Look forward to your posts.

I'm in Cumbria, and good luck with the Camera & Scope.


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Hi Clive,

Welcome from a fellow East Midlander! You will no doubt have realised that the forums here are full of dedicated folk only too willing to help. Like you I'm just starting out on the imaging trail, after waiting an eternity for the right size threaded ring to turn up from a back order:( Fortunately I've been into cameras in a big way since the 80's, so don't have that learning mountain to climb;) I've had loads of advice thus far from the helpful members here though:)

A lot of SGL members are currently at or headed for star parties this weekend. Otherwise you would have had a welcome message from Brantuk (at Kelling Heath SP) by now who kindly points all us E'Midlanders over to the East Midlands Stargazers Group on SGL.

Hope to catch up with you soon:icon_salut:

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