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DSLR in liveview damage?


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It causes it to heat up giving an "ampglow" effect on subsequent images until it cools down...

I try and avoid using it as much as possible.. even the short periods of liveview that were used in APT to allow "mirror lock" delay would cause artefacts...


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As soon as the mirror is up photons are reaching the sensor and it will heat up, even if the image is not displayed on screen. I agree with Billy in that the damage will be in thermal noise and amp glow artifacts left behind as a result of it.

In more recent camera models, video is added and this function relies on the mirror to be up while recording... so I would tend to think that it would not damage the sensor permatenlty... but your images taken with a hot sensor afterwards will be negatively affected until it cools down

Guylain - creator of BackyardEOS

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