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Greetings from Portugal

Luis Campos

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Hi there everyone!

Having stumbled on this forum a lot of times when searching for several reviews/oppinions about astro stuff I thought it was about time for me to get into this interresting forum as well :D

I live in Portugal and been an avid amateur astronomer for about 10 years now, my first telescope was a 60 mm Tasco refractor wich I still onw (my first love...:)) I currently own a 300 mm GSO DOB on a EQ 6 mount with a home made ultra short pier, currently still under development, I also have a 200 mm f/4 astro-Tech imaging newtonian for wide field deep sky work with a modded 350D.

Hoping to participate often in this forum and to learn and also give my help in whatever necessary :)

Best regards,

Luís Campos

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Thanks everyone for your warm wellcome!

Morning major, the skies here are tipical suburban conditions, i live in the outskirts of Lisbon (Seixal) but we usualy gather on a darker spot on most Friday/Saturday nights, at aprox. 60 km away from Lisbon, we have a mag. 5.5 sky on most nights, the light pollution is getting stronger every day unfortunely....

Still we are able to get very decent results in visual and imaging sessions there :)

My setup is currently ready to go on my balcony observatory, so I observe and image mainly planets every clear night :D


Luís Campos

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hello and welcome luis..........we have another luis from portugal on here and he is a splendid astro imager of all things lunar

Hi nigthfisher!

Thanks! :D

Yup, I know Luís also, we call him "the moon man" as he takes stunning lunar shots also from his balcony observatory, truly genius :)

Best regards,

Luís Campos

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