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Finished Assembling Scope

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Just finished assembling the 300p (flextube)

It was more work then i anticipated but luckily all the tools needed were supplied !( as i have precisely 0 tools :s:P)

It's a bit bigger then i imagined and i am actually quite happy that the 300p solid tube was sold out , because that could have been akward to drive around with!

Europa SAT24.nl Europees Satellietbeeld. Het Weer, Zon en Europese Buienradar - Bron: SAT24.com

It looks like the netherlands could have a clear night, im certainly hoping for it (even tho i currently am in quite a light polluted area, i did get a filter for that) , and assume my jaw will drop from the view (if i get any) compared to the etx80, i am surprised at how smooth the rotation seems on the 300p and looking forward to less bumpy(jiffy? don't know the word sorry) observations compared to manual operation of the etx80

checked the collimation with the skywatcher laser collimator that i ordered with it, and it seems to be spot on!(luckily)

I will try to get the scope finder alligned properly after dinner when it's still light..

MANY thanks to all the people helping me out on this forum , giving advice on what scope/ and accesoires to buy with my budget :D

And explaining some of the differences between scopes...

I'll be sure to report what i saw tonight ( if i get to see any) (cant get the bold to dissapear:S)

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