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Pleiades - just about


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Ok, so we had a lovely local observing night with my local astro club last night and actually got some vaguely clear skies.

I had a half-hearted attempt at imaging the Pleiades but I obviously didn't use anywhere near long enough subs, or enough time in total to capture any of the nebulosity in there... just got a scarily clean and crisp star field... the attached hasn't had anything at all done to it... just 41 frames of 15 sec each at ISO 800 stacked in DSS with 20 darks.

At least it's nice and crisp!

I also managed to SEE M51 quite clearly through my 127mm but that was on the EQ3 at the time whist this was imaged on the HEQ5 with the ED80... pitty, I'm pretty sure I'd have actually captured something of it as well.

Cheers all



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Yeah, I was only imaging inbetween observing with the otherscope and generally chatting... The 50 odd subs I got took 2hrs :-) it looked great visually through the Meade 127mm

Tracking wasn't great either, I was getting some oval stars at 30secs so it wasn't a great attempt. I think I need more like half an

Hour or more of 40sec or longer subs to start seeing the fuzzy bits.

Ah well, putting together my target list for Kelling at the end of the week now, may give it another go then.


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