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Hi everyone,

I regretably left my scope outside last night as I have all week, last night though it rained, so when I went out and checked my gear it was all wet. Thankfully I had left my scope in a horizontal position but I fear my eyepieces might need a clean, they had their caps on but they were still a bit wet. Is their anything anyone can recommend if they need cleaning?



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The rules to cleaning lenses as I understand them;

Always use a CLEAN lint free cloth (like the ones you get for glasses)

Never clean the optics without having some sort of lubrication (as DP mentioned there are dedicated types out their)

Just be gentle and take your time. But CLEAN cloth is the most important as any microscopic bit of dirt can scratch the coatings.

I would also recomend a scope cover for next time :D

Good luck,



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Oh cmon.......first time in over 3 weeks its rained here today B)

In Cheshire my be :p, we in Manchester are the Capital City of rain :). It rained up here the other night, should of seen the fallout on my car :grin:.

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