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A Break in the Clouds


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After setting up and waiting for Saturn to rise out of the haze, I was disappointed when i next went out about an hour later to see where Saturn should be was cloud, so i packed away resigned to the fact that i would not be viewing....

Disappointed as i had collimated earlier i was keen to see how much of an improvement I was going to see.

However I just popped out to put some rubbish in the bin to a clear sky, so I got the scope out (as its stored in the garage cool-down does not cause too much of an issue and the OTA was still cold to touch.

Straight to Saturn, now bare in mind its still low, I have a street light which I'm shielding with the fence close by and its over the roof of a house on the other side of the road. far from ideal!

I line up with the 32mm and go straight for the 15mm as I don't want to lose time as the cloud is on its way. Im really impressed with the contrast, focus is good, although im not a fan of this single speed crayford this is on my to do list.

I grab my 3x Barlow to see how far I can push things, well it does get worse but im still impressed considering where Im looking from, so I go for the 5x Powermate just to really see how bad it gets, and to be honest yes it was not good, focus was very iffy with very a tiny sweet spot which was coming and going with the conditions, its also interesting this gentle shoving on the scope, I need to get the bearings tweaked as its not fluid at all at present.

But It worked and at x400 (?) it could of been far worse.

So My list of to do's.

Flocking: (ordered)

Focuser: Going to get the Synta Dual speed

Bearings: ...humm I need to read up on this everything is too stiff, but im also going to have to tackle some balance if i make is nice and smooth due to the Telrad and eyepiece.

I Think I also need to get a Light pollution Filter for visual work just to try and take the edge of it.

Cool im enjoying this Dob

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Hi Earl, looks like you have a decent dob, can imagine when its all tweaked you will be in good shape for some decent visual views.

I tried Saturn at 337x with the 7mm BGO/925 recently but conditions were poor so did not get too good a view, different story at 180x with a 13mm Nagler/925, stunning would be a good description :)

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