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Eventually got the WO flattener working


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Such a long ordeal with this WO66 and the Flattener II i bought for it.

It took me ages to find a WO Flattener II as they are like rocking horse xxxx. But eventually I found one and parted money for it, nearly 8 months ago. Nearly sold it in frustration a few times.

Next hurdle was how to attach it to my QHY9 and filter combo with extra wide M54 threads for a large ccd.

I needed an adapter, M54 male to T2 female. Well only 1 commercially available one exists from german TS shop and eventually I got it today after months of seearching and working it all out.

Spacing was suppose to be 54mm chip to lens and I think / measured at about 52mm so good enough.

Tonight was a test night through the murk and no end of faffing around.

The WO66 is now running at F4.72 and 310mm but aligning it etc on my existing kit was a nightmare.

Then the QHY9 decided to play up after I stripped and cleaned it, the temparature sensor was showing -1046 degrees and so of course the cooling wasn't working.

In between this, clouds, wife wanting to see me, I eventually grabbed one 10 min sub in Ha unbinned and well it sort of works I guess. See the attached image.

The guding is off, the setup was jimmy'd together, but I wanted to play and test.

So next question is.....

Will this work on my Skywatcher MN190 that already has a flattened field ?

Ie using the QHY9 / Filter / WOII Flattener / reducer to up the power of my MN190.

Logic tells me it should do, flatten an already flat field should be ok and I can give up a bit of Focal lengh for F5.3 - F4.2 I quite fancy a F4.2 Astrograph :D

I single 10 min ha sub at F4.72 FL310mm on the WO66 through the horrid murk low down.

No flats or darks, a little levels and contrast applied and very bad guiding.


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