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Poor visibility / my night sky has changed

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Hello all

I have a bit of an issue with my night sky. 3-4 weeks ago even though I have high light pollution I can see many objects in the sky. Tonight is the first clear night that I have had for a while where I have the chance for some scope action. So for the last hour I have been out in the garden and with my naked eye can hardly see any stars. I find this odd as the moon is no where so in theory it should be a dark sky.

Am I missing something here?

The only recent and annoying issue is the council have recently been upgrading all the street lights in the area. Our old ones where the concrete ones now we have nice steel poles that are taller but on the other hand the light does look different to the old ones.

I can't believe though that this would really have such a big impact on my viewing, I actually thought when they where putting them in that it could improve the situation.

Maybe is just a bad night after all. I am new to this and still in my first month of ownership of my scope.

To give you some idea I can't even make out Cassiopeia. I can just see the two heads of Gemini and pole star is very faint.

I am really annoyed and hope you guys can tell me its just a bad night and not the new street lights.


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I assume your sky is like it's been further north for the last couple of nights. there seems to be a high thin cloud which 'enhances' the light pollution but also masks most of the less bright stars. it's not you, just astronomy in the UK.

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unfortunately here it's now turned to full cloud. well, the scope is fully cooled after all.

We had the same here last night and now again tonight. I learned my lesson last night so I've not bothered to put a scope out so far tonight.

I might pop the 4" Vixen out for a bit later, if Saturn is showing distinctly.

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Hi, well I must. Am glad everyone else has noticed it seems strange tonight... Even though I'm new to all this I thought. What The! :D

Can someone explain though why. Keep seeing in some messages. Cooling off the scope :). Cheers. Lol

Kim :)

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I'm certainly no expert but I set up the scope in those hazy, very high cloud conditions and had the best seeing for Saturn since I bought the scope.

A rock solid image with no shimmer - it was thrilling.

Try it and see.

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