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I have just purchased a William Optics Megrez 72 APO refractor which does not come with any eyepieces.

I do have some from an old reflector (1.25") but they are not very good and just came with the package (which I will sell anyway).

So I will need to invest in some new eyepieces, Does anybody have any recommendations?

I am really tight on budget at the moment and I'm not looking for a mega-high quality eyepiece just something to use the scope with less than £50 that would give me a good view! I plan to only purchase one eyepiece for now... wide field would be my preferred choice most likely above 25mm.

A 2" eyepiece would be excellent due to not having to buy a 2" - 1.25" as I wont have any 1.25" eyepieces once I sell my other telescope anyway, meaning the full amount can go into getting the best possible eyepiece for my money!

I have seen this one but I have never bought a 2" eyepiece before and so don't really know anything about them:

2 Inch Eyepiece 26mm Made by GSO on eBay (end time 20-Apr-11 19:32:59 BST)

The same person is also selling a 40mm version of that eyepiece...

OR I did hear moonfish eyepieces are ok and found this one:

Moonfish 2" 30mm 80º Ultra Wide eyepiece, exc++ on eBay (end time 02-Apr-11 20:05:54 BST)

What would be your thoughts?


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I've not used either of the eyepieces you mention but in an f6 scope (I think yours is f6?) they should give reasonable views. 2" eyepieces are no different really than 1.25" it's just that they generally give a wider field.

I have to say though that although they will be 'ok' and will serve until you can maybe afford something better, to me it's a little like putting cheap fuel in a Ferrari with such a lovely scope as that. That may sound a bit dodgy but in the long term you'd be better with quality, maybe a TV Plossl - maybe a 32mm or 25mm? I bet you'd get these for close yo your budget (albeit they are 1.25").

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At that budget you would be better off staying away from 80 degree eyepieces in an F/6 scope - the view would be pretty messy in the outer 50% of the field.

The of the super wides in that price range, the 26mm is not the best to be honest but the 32mm is better, from the ones I've tried.

You might be better browsing the "buy & sell" section here - it's quite difficult to find 2" eyepieces for under £50 new.

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The Megrez is going to give a massive field of view even with a 1.25" 24mm Hyperion. True field of view would be 3.7deg......that is massive. And the Hyperion works well at F6. But the price is a little high at £95 new or £70 secondhand.

Perhaps one of these would do:

Adler Optik Adler Optik Skarp 32mm 2" fit 5 element SWA Eyepiece

Within budget, same eyepiece as the TS already linked too but cheaper. Truly gigantic field of view of 5.2deg......that's low power binocular field of view. And the eyepiece works quite well at F6.

Summer Milkyway would be spectacular.

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Thank you for that link, the eyepiece looks very reasonably priced and includes P+P... :D


When orering from that company my advice is do it by phone and get verbal confirmation that they have them in stock before you order. Their online stock control system has been known to be not entirely up to date :)

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Ah yes, i forgot that bit. Always confirm stock first, their online stock levels bare no relation to reality.

There is always a quandary with that company for me - while they do have a mixed history re: customer service, they also stock some interesting stuff that you don't see listed anywhere else and their pricing is competative :D

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