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EQ3-2 duel motor?

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How easy is it to track objects from the moon to Deep space objects using the duel motor drive for the EQ3-2 mount? thinking of getting one after last nights attempts at manually tracking Saturn to capture with my SPC900



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With motors attached you simply don't do anything, the motor will amble along at the correct tracking rate as a default.

It may be drivable at 4x or 8x normal.

Don't think there is a selectable rate for the moon or saturn, they do not move a great deal different to normal sidereal so all you do is a small recentre every so often.

Remember that Saturn does do a retrograde cycle every so often.

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I upgraded my EQ3-2 with Dual axis motors, tracks well. To be honest its all down to how well you polar align. For observing they are more than capable of tracking well.


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