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Hope I got it right this time

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Cracking scope - good choice !.

It will delivery great performance although you may be a bit shocked at how large it is compared to your last scope (unless you have seen one already).

very good scopes though.

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Excellent pick WolfsPride!

Happy to see another lad into weightlifting and astronomy as I am! :)

By the way - there's nothing wrong with 250mm binos.... you can see mine below, they even have handlebars! They're.... binormous. :D


PS: If you want your own, my friend Jim will be happy to make you some. You can see more HERE.



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DAN !!!! What the heck do you do with those things? Tracking Pluto? :)

Ha! You can't mistake the stuff I get to play with 'cause of the work I do with the stuff I manage to afford on my salary. :) The giant binos belong to the school - and we use them to examine clusters and nebulae - they are actually great for galaxies - it's a 10-inch Newtonian for each eye! The Apomax is the most killer planetary scope I've ever seen. I got mine, (and I believe it is the last one of 23 made) when the company was going out of business. It was too good a deal to pass up... then I spent the next 14 years (literally) in quest of a mount that I could afford which could actually do the job. But I'm a teacher, ok? I don't make piles of cash! (My pay on an hourly basis is rather pitiful, actually!) I needed another stroke of luck!

In the case of the giant binos and the new mount for the Apomax - both came from the same source. I won a prize, you see; not exactly a lotto - seems someone really slipped a gear and made this silly nomination, then they got some other damn fools to go along with the goofy idea and ended up giving me THIS. It was $5K for the school, and $5K for me. Neither sum was sufficient for the prizes I was after... so let's just say that I campaigned well and leveraged my advantages! Everyone likes saying that 'Award Winning Educators Choose.... (your product here!), don't they? :) Jim Burr delivered the RB-10's personally! We had a ribbon cutting and everything!

The thing I won, they call it the 'Amgen Prize', but it's official name is the Amgen Award for Science Teaching Excellence, they pick the 30 or so best science teachers in North America each year - I got mine in 2009. There's only one higher prize in Education in North America, the President's Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching - I'm up for that one this year....

Not a snowball's chance in the Sahara, pal. Trust me, I'm just the astronomy guy. But if someone should mess up and I end up walking away with it again - let's just say I wouldn't have trouble spending it. :D




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