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Help With Eye Pieces and other

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Hello, i have finally come to the decission to get the skyliner 300P dobson...( took only 1 week !:D) , now the next problem presents itself!

What extra things to get?

-Laser collimator ( or normal?)

- Eyepieces( which? widefield? panorama? what quality..)

-Filter (deep sky/moon? or an entire set)

-red led torch

-cleaning kit(s)?





Robtics | Astronomical Instruments and Accessories

thats the site i will be ordering from, please feel free to make any suggestions , and maybe add if it's essantial or that the purchase could be done at a later time

once again thanks!

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My suggestion would be to get:

- A cheshire collimator

- A red torch

- A good guide to the night sky like "Turn Left at Orion"

And then just get your scope and use it a few times before buying other accessories. There is just so much choice these days that some personal experience with the scope will really help you narrow down where you want to make a further investment.

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ok, OH and btw

  • Eyepieces Supplied (1.25"): 10mm & 25mm
  • Dual-Fit 1.25"/2" Focuser

which are better? the 1.25'' or 2'' eyepieces?, or are there no better?

if so what are the different uses for them?

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The only advantage of 2" eyepieces is that they allow a wider field of view. A typical eyepiece collection would be 1.25" ones for high and medium power observing and one or two 2" ones for lower power, wide field viewing.

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