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2nd attempt at M81


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Ok, so i gave this target another try, as i was already pleased with my first attempt, but it was a bit unclear, and i couldn't get any details and colours out of it.

First attempt was taken with 143x 30sec frames (50/50 ISO 1600/3200), while 2nd was taken with 17x 900sec frames (ISO 200). Only bias applied due to dark frame issues i currently have.

Personally i was hoping for evena bit more details from 4.5 hours exposure compared to roughly 1.2 hours, especially in teh fainter areas. But when comparing the two, i can easily see the improovement at least. :D



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Thanks Pete. :D

Are you guiding?

Yes. Guiding using a cheap webcam and the 9x50 finderscope with PHD guiding.

Had a real problem finding a guidestar for this target though, as the cheap cam could baaaaarly pick up the brightest star close to it and guide. Had to move the finderscope all the way to one side to find a star bright enough. Even though it's an F/4 scope... I really need a new guidecam soon, lol.

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Excellent....a vast improvement.

Better focus, colour and detail, and great guiding with a finder :D

Have a look for a secondhand DSI pro....they come up for sale fairly regularly and make great guide cameras.



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