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Power Supply for CGEM

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First of all I would like to say hi as this is my first post. So hi...

I was just wondering if anyone knows where I can find the 12V 5A power supply for the CGEM, or even a better one. I have just purchased a second hand CGEM and I have no way to power it! Not that the clouds are behaving at the minute anyway :D

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Any of the powertanks from Celestron or skywatcher etc. But also most leisure batteries from the like of Maplin are fine too. You just need to check that the supply is "tip positive" most are.

I use a car "jump starter" and compressor which was cheaper than the powertanks and can also be used on the car:-)

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My local maplin store (Teeside) had all of their range of power packs on offer when I went in on Saturday, I bought a "six in one" 17 amp hour including power inverter / 3 pin socket / two 12v cigar sockets / 1 usb and a radio for £50 reduced from £90! Perhaps your local Maplin store has the same offers!?

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Thanks for the info guys. I do have a maplins near me but it is tiny, but still worth a try I suppose . I have seen this but because I am completely useless I am not sure about it.

Rother Valley Optics 5A 12v Bench Regulated PSU | Telescope Accessories | Rother Valley Optics

This might seem like a stupid question but if I get a powertank can I plug the powertank into a socket and then run the mount straight off that, or do I have to charge it up first and use it as a battery?

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For some reason my earlier post didn't appear, maybe because I included a URL.

Anyway I recently bought a Palstar PS06 for my HEQ5 Pro. Very nice too has a built in cigar socket plus additional terminals and regulated output. Rated 4a continuous 6a peak. I find a Rover 25 battery a good option for none mains use. It has a carry handle, strong base (because of the way it fits in the car), 45Ah and quite cheap @ about £30. You would have to fit terminals but these are cheap and easy to do.


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