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Using two focal reducers?


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Is it possible to use two focal reducers at the same time? ie: the SW 0.85x and 0.5x antares reducer. Or is it not just worth the hassle?

I just thought that if the field has already been corrected by the SW reducer before it passes through the 0.5x (used at 0.8x) it shouldnt degrade the image or lead to mis-shapen stars in the corners.

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won't you get problems with lens to chip etc.

You would have to space the two a joining reducers with the right distance for LENS -> LENS and then LENS to CCD.

Logic says it should be a problem with a pre flattened optic train from the 1st.

I am going to be testing a WO II flattener / reducer on my already corrected MN190 once I get it working on the WO66 to see if I can loose a bit of the 1000mm FL for faster optics from F5.3 1000mm to F4.5 850mm

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Thanks for the info cat, I had been thinking about how it may work in regard to getting the spacing right. Eg: Lens (55mm) > Lens (10mm) > CCD

Seems like it wont work, but I'll give it a try just for fun :)

Having just lost an hour of darkness, Im trying to find ways of speeding things up to compensate for it, though i'd love to be at your speed so dont complain too much about f5! :D

I cant see why you cant use your WO FR with your mak newt, give it a try and let us know how you get on. After all, if we dont try, we will never know the answer.

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