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Adding a Green laser to scope

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I have been looking and looking, but I can not find a solution. I have an Orion 120 ST scope an have a regular finder scope on it. However, I want to add a laser pointer to the scope so when I manually move the EQ mount I can quickly see where im pointing to. then i can fine tune the adjustment with the 9x50 finder.

I have a spare dove tail shoe like this

Dovetail Base for Orion Finder Scopes | Orion Telescopes

plus I was thinking of getting this

Orion SkyLine Deluxe GLP-to-Telescope Bracket | Orion Telescopes

i know i could swap them out, but i would really like to have both on the scope at the same time.

the scope rings do have a 1/4 20 standard camera threads, and I would like to see if i can put the dovetail shoe on one of those, but i just cant think of anything that would work.

I am open to any ideas...


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You will be stoned alive at star parties.

All the imagers will have green lines across their images.

a good solution to that would to just not use it at star parties :D

people seem to have a lot of hate for lasers on this forum. i find them to be a useful tool, especially when in mini observing groups you can point in the direction of a target and others can just swing the scope into that position.

cannot help you with mounting it on a scope. sorry :)

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oh trust me, it will NOT be used at star parties. just in my backyard or when i go out to a park somewhere.

one of the links i posted has the exact bracket that the laser pointer will fit in, just need to figure out a way to attach it to the scope.


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i figured it out..... i drilled a hole in the dovetail shoe and will use a short 1/4 20 screw to tighten it to the scope ring 1/4 20 hole.....

im not sure why I did not think of that first :D


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The main problem is that most green lasers become non-functional when they get cold. I had one mounted but took it off. Kendrick now do a heater for them but either using it or another heater, your mounting system wound have to still allow adjustment with the heater fitted. I bought a heater pad from 'Astroboot' to use for the purpose and fitted a plug on it. I've not yet got done anything else with it.

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Too late since you have started drilling(!) but I keep my laser warm in my pocket and fire it through the finder when I want to see where I am pointing. The finder steers it very accurately in the right direction. This brilliant idea was not mine but was suggested by a bright Belgian guest, Bernd Adams, whom I mentally thank every clear night...

We have found here (by accident...) that laser and imager have to be close before the beam is picked up on an image. Best avoided though, and I always look where the scopes are pointing before using mine. One guest, when I asked what he was imaging, whipped out his laser and unthikingly pointed at it, then uttered an interesting phrase in Dutch!!!


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