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My first Saturn & a moment of revelation ....


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Well - here is my first Saturn (was taken 2 weeks ago, only 4th time using scope & first using the webcam).

Lots of practice / work to do .........


The revelation comes in with Registax.

I downloaded it a week or so ago. Read this afternoon, about putting AVI through it (process is something i've not even looked at yet - allot of other problems to overcome first - focusing, alignment, etc, etc).

Anyhow have just tried - how clever is that program !! Know i've only scratched the surface of it, but so impressed already.

Thanks for looking & listening to my ramble ......

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I've used regiStax as well but wasn't able to cut the picture a bit to make it look as big as yours. How did you do it?


I just used Microsoft picture editor afterwards to crop it down a bit.

It's probably at 125% the original size

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Excellent first pic, especially as only your fourth time on the scope.

As others have said, it is somewhat overexposed. Unfortunately, once you have 'burned out' the data in the pic, you cannot recover it.

My experience of webcaming planets (FWIW) is that the final result will always be brighter/show more detail than the preview you get on your laptop while taking the avi. With Saturn, you should not need to have the gain control above minimum at all. Try taking a series of avis; start with something like 1/5 sec exposures and then work down to shorter and shorter. Keep notes on the specs used for each avi. When you process them, you can adjust the brightness/contrast in registax to bring out the detail. There is a lot of trial and error involved, but once you find the sweet spot, you can use those specs as a starting point for all your future images. But even when you have found this, it pays to 'bracket' your images [take one using your expected specs, one using the next fastest framerate, one using the next lowest framerate].


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I really wish that RegiStax acccpeted HD video files. My old camera doesn't capture in a very high big format making cropping not very effective. :D


Isabelle - also try using a 2 x barlow to capture it, could help a little.

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