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Full Disk - 2011-03-27 ~ 1500hrs


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Still got that nasty thin layer of cloud hanging about, but as I am discovering, the Sun is a powerful beast :) A wee bit of cloud isn't going to stop it being looked at! So obviously not optimal conditions, but I'm very pleased with the results. It's a marked improvement on my first full disk mosaic attempt. This time I put the PST on my HEQ5, and rock solid doesn't even come close! In fact I had a real job balancing the setup, as a single counterweight was too much :D I'll need to find a lighter one for Solar work me thinks... But being on the mount made focusing and tuning a breeze, hardly any movement on the netbook screen as I adjusted.

I captured ~600 frames for each part, stacking ~250 from each. 4 images were required for the full disk.

Any tips on how to blend out those unsightly joins?


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