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Horsehead and Flame

Peter Reader

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That's really nice, love the fact you've got the difference in colour between the flame and the horsehead...

I assume the light line along the bottom 3/4 of the frame is an artefact of stacking slightly missaligned subs?

Personally, as it's lighter than the horsehead area, I'd either crop the image down to lose that, or perhaps create a mask and try and darken that area back again as it's a bit distracting from the nebulae at the mo.

Looks great though... I've not even dared try and get those targets yet so well done! :-)


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thats really good. tons better than my attempts, you actually have the horse head coming through.

i can just about manage 60s subs unguided at the min so if i get a chance this week i might try ansd grab a couple of hours worth of data. its one of my favourite DSO's

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