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Is Earthrise possible?

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I was looking at the very famous Earthrise picture taken by one of the apollo missions that shows the earth appearing to rise. I was explaining to my friend that this couldn't happen but then got to wondering if it could in some parts of the moon. Libration makes the moon move slightly so that we can see more of the limb. So if you happened to be on that section of the moon you could indeed see the earth rise up from the lunar surface.

I'm I right?

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I think the Earth's angular size is 2 degrees in the Moon's sky. I think libration is much more than 2 degrees - about 3.5 degrees (so we see a total of 7 degrees of the 'far side'), so it should be just possible to see the Earth creep fully above the horizon.

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I just seen the strangest thing in the sky in a sort of north to west direction i think. i look @ stars al the time and have never seen anything like it. at first i thought it was a star but then realised it was orange, flashing and travelling very fast. not im not a UFO kina guy but that gave me the heeby jeebies. Im in scotland and it was between 3 and 3.30am. Anyone else see this thing.... strange as hell (the way the lights were it did actually seem like there were maybe 4 orange lights on it and it was spinning but i dont wanna start all that rubbish lol as i have never seen or believed any stories about UFOs). it would be helpful if someone else seen this. When i first seen it(maybe 3.02 am) it was at a bright star cluster below and to the right of the big dipper... dunno what its called. I can give you star names if you want as i have stellarium but it doesnt give me constelation names.

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The earth remains fixed-point in the moon sky, because the orbital period of the satellite around the Earth, is identical to the rotation period of the Earth around its axis. The observers who see the Earth setting below the horizon, are those who note the earth low in their horizon. The Earth in this case, rises and sets due to the moon tilt.

Sorry for my poor english.

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Pretty crazy relpying to my own post but if you go to stellarium you can select to be on different planets/moons. If you select the moon, and from certain locations, you can actually see the earth rising and setting.

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Oh, look at the earth!

She is shining up there,
Oh, mother, she looks

Like a lamp in the air.
Last week she was smaller,

And shaped like a bow,
But now she's grown biggei,

And round as an O.


ALSO see - HD earthrise video from the KAGUYA satellite:

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