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Meade Lightbridge Lunar observing report as of 14.11.2010 Part of Lunar 100-200


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Meade Lightbridge 16" F4.5

Phase 78.1°

Lunation 8.57 days

Illumination 60.3%

Very cold

Lunar 100-200

To see this catalogue click the following link: http://stargazerslounge.com/observing-lunar-solar/136138-new-lunar-100-200-list.html

Number 3 Catena Beer

I could easily make out crater Beer and Feuillee and just to the side of Beer is a very small crater just 2 miles in diameter called Beer A. Just above Beer is what looked like a wrinkle ridge but by placing in the 4mm ortho giving me x457 I could see very small cratlets, I counted four of these little craters which form Catena Beer. The catena heads towards Crater Bancroft, and is not shown on VMA

Number 48 Rimae Plato

Lying between the craters Alpes A and Plato J lies a flat pice of land amoungst many mountains belonging to Montes Alpes there is a tiny rimae that runs across this plain and I believe that this is a part of Rimar Plato. Vma says you need 300 mm of aperture but I would say nearer 400mm. According to the LAC lunar maps Rimae Plato also winds itself around the Montes Alpes and is in fact of unknown length and height and is only 1 mile in width. Best eyepiece was the 9mm ortho and next time out I'll try and trace it through the Alpes but thats going to be a very hard task.

Number 11 Rima Bode

Thrrough the 9mm I can detect a very narrow rimae emerging out of the northern end of Crater Bode and winding it's way northwards pass Bode B reaching what looks like a steep scarp and heading towards Crater Bode C. The rimae is 48 miles long and 1 mile wide and was seen through my 6mm ortho. There is a Rimae Bode 2 just north of Bode E which I forgot to look for but will do next time.

Number 9 Rhaeticus L dark spot

Just below crater Rhaeticus is a little crater Rheeticus L that resemble a bay on the Sinus Medii. The whole of this bay is a dark spot on the lava floor, very striking through the 9mm ortho. I could also see a RImae Oppolzer to SW of Rhaeticus, a pretty bay with an unusual dark floor.

Number 10 The Doublet (Triesnecker F and Triesnecker G)

Using my 9 mm ortho I could see Rimae Triesnecker 1 winding it's way east of Crater Triesnecker and originating from Rhaeticus A. Just to the east of the rimae lies two craters Triesnecker F and G. I had no trouble seeing one of these at all times but only saw the second one twice when the seeing improved. I'm almost certain the one that caused me problems was Triesnecker G but I did see them both so thats another one ticked off. I could also see the point where Rimae Trienecker 1 splits to become Rimae Trienecker 11 and Rimae Triesnecker V11. This area is awash with rilles and small little craters and needs alot more study.

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