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Why I love this hobby!


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So Friday night and ready for bed: Let dog out and the clouds had cleared and the stars were out, so grabbed scope, quick set up and went in search of M51 again. Previous night I was really happy with my first Image of M51 and thought I could get a few more subs.

Cut a long story short but after finding it I fell off my step and knocked scope and couldn't find 51 again, so quick look round found M101 and did 1hr of 60s subs. Was again amazed with what I got for such a short time.

Here it is. 60x60s subs. ISO800. Unguided.


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oh yeah, i know the feeling. Here the other day i had just used 2 hours setting up my scope and aligning it as detailed as i possboly could, and was just about to start imaging that was already programmed for the rest fo the night.

Then, the cute little 4-legged meowing furrball came over, and of course, i couldn't resist sitting down and petting it...

Well, no problem so far, untill i stood up.. Hmm, funny how that scope had slewed to the target wich just Had to be right abow my head, bwahahaha.... :D

But you have a very nice pic there, especially for such a short amount of total exposure time. :)

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