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More Processing of 25th march red

neil phillips

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This was one of the calmer reds, so i decided to try some new things ( new as in havent done it on this one so far )

Created a optimized frames reduced 200% avi from K3 put it back on K3 did another optimize and frame reduce, now at 400% reduced to 200% on analyzer, deconvolution analyzer, second wavelet sharpen on reg 5, noise reduction analyzer, levels adjust analyzer ( k3 from stack histo adjusted too )

down sized to 162%

I had to darken the image because of background noise, but the crepe is still there ( when zoomed in i can see it ) Johns layer approach might have been able to reduce noise without quite so much darkening. But untill ive got more software and layer experiance. This will have to do. But im pleased the way the storms have come out on this. better than my original quick go. Always worth experimenting. often i use unsharp mask. but reg wavelets combined with k3 sharpening ( from stack ) produces a kind of hybrid k3 registax feel. Trust me the avis are very noisy and dim. 5200 ish frames was needed to control it. plus careful noise reduction. raising levels creates noise. so again im pleased how vibrant and noise free ive made this avi. Still noise is there. that downsizing would have sorted more. but i tried. and felt the extra scale helped the storms being more easily discernable. the benefits of good resampling Some may not agree. i know up sampling is somewhat of a dirty word in image processing. But under poor uk skys and a scale thats needed to get a sharp capture. Horses for courses

Any closer and that moon would have produced a transit


same unrotated


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You've picked up quite a bit of detail there which using layers and brush with overlay high pass 5pix can be brought out without raising noise then reduce noise. Using curves to bring out the banding makes it darker so levels will brighten then another reduce noise and opacity to taste. CS3 reduce noise tends to preserve detail really well

Heres DPeach site to see how he has been getting on from South UK so far.




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I really need to get CS3 as the HP filter does bring detail to the fore. it has def made the storms more obviouse or prominent. The levels choice is something im constantly wondering about. you may be surprised that the original stacks that this came from, the levels have already been heavily raised. ( twice in fact ) once on k3 after stacking, and then again during processing.

I can see raising the levels more, makes the spots more obviouse to the eye Especially with the HP filter. although the central region has brightend a lot.

and somehow looks slightly more processed to me. not in a noise way. if anything the texture has smoothed out a little bit to much, producing a slightly glossy texture.

Its difficult to judge John. because my monitor is a particulaly bright one. so of course i tend to do everything a bit too dark. and anything quite bright looks a little overcooked on my monitor. compared to other monitors that may not have a bright balance.

Most will probably prefer your balance here im guessing, especially if there monitor balance is darker than mine ( likely ) as it is more vibrant and does show the storms more obviously.

but if you look back on my dimmer versions it is all there, and to me looks a little more natural, less processed, slightly less over smoothed. and glossy, glossy is the thing i dislike the most about the changes. the rougher texture i prefer, as it looks less manipulated. But i do think i could have raised the levels a bit more as of your example. and the hp filter is bringing more out

I know your just showing me examples. and if you had a raw tiff im guessing you would do better than the software im using. Seems weird having this discussion, about a image that looks like about 1% of your best one to date. ( not the misty night ) the other one. well that just continually blows me away everytime i look at it, i just think wow, truely world class. and i dont even reckon youve got your best yet.

if and when i get my best image, wonder if you would have a go processing it from the raw stack. trying to process somthing that has already been processed by me. Is probably making the problems mentioned.

which wont happen if you have full control from the start.

Monitor Screens are a big equation of what we see and prefer i think John. that should be noted. your image jumps out, with a slightly smoother texture. my image is more laid back. with a less over smoothed texture, less glossy.

I was on Damien peaches site last night, after your comments the other day. for a look. hes C14 so far is struggling a bit, under low poor skys. great resolution, but not exactly tight. you can see though were all hes resolution comes from. even under poor conditions. you can see what it would be, if things were better for him. i wish infact that i could increase scale. but at 245mm it aint going to happen much i dont think. though under the best trans, and on a red, maybe a bit more. Youve made me wonder how much more levels i can raise now. off to have a look

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Yes Neil its very glossed looking at it again, really just to show how the storm pops out, put another less processed version there - darker with less noise reduced. Curves and levels can add noise so it may be best just to use the high pass brushed over storm and leave there. There are always compromises when data is not as good as you want but its still a good red. Damians colour image suffers showing his greens and blues must have been pretty awful.

CS3 cost me £125 from Amazon with serial code, I tend to use it for all the processing of rgb rrgb. It has a history brush for bringing back previous changes which is useful and layers are wonderful of course.


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Glad you agree John, Its hard to speak our minds sometimes, but must go beyond that kind of thinking otherwise whats the point in discussion. might as well just pat each other on the back each and every time. But aside from the things i didnt like. my levels do look a tad low. and that storm is popping out much more. I need to get more software i know. If your interested when i get ( if i get ) a shot of saturn that actually makes me feel chuffed. ( doubting now i will ? ) Hope i can send you some raws to see what your processes can do. I know you will amaze. as i know your processing is quite frankly as good as it gets, by anyones standard.

Dps colour rather shocked me actually, but the date said it all, it was earlier on, i suspect he would be getting much better now ? But after seeing the great man himself find saturn difficult this year. I feel abit better about my own struggles. More to do with circumstance, rather than anything im doing wrong maybe ? But you know i get self critical, when things are not going my John. Bet you do too. its also a little dissapointing, when you feel like that isnt it. But hey its all good. your flying. im trying to get into air. maybe just maybe ill glide for a bit any week soon. Heres hoping

Cheers for all the help. Your a inspiration, ps the second re do is much better, now we are talking better levels more detail. it just looks more right. and wow that filter really makes that storm jump right out. ok im convinced i need the software. so many things i need to do. not enough money to do them all. probably need a slightly larger flat, as the light cone is probably right on the edge of the secondary. once i have equipment issues sorted ( still havent got the fan running either yet ) software, this software is on my list

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