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EQ5 or EQ6?

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So I have been looking at what telescope I may get in the future if the bug bites hard enough. I'd want to buy something that could theoretically last a lifetime and potentially be used for astrophotography. The Skywatcher Explorer 200P is a telescope that looks to be sufficient for my needs but my question is, is the standard EQ5 mount sufficient for my needs or would the better built EQ6 be more appropriate bearing in mind the potential astrophotography?

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I would say EQ6 would be much better. Although some may argue the EQ5 is useable for imaging with the 200P, the key to imaging is a sturdy mount, so the sturdier the better and generally the mount advice for astrophotography is the HEQ5 as a minimum, or the EQ6 as a preferable option.

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The EQ5 is nice but is basically a little bigger and more stable EQ3-2. It is relatively easy to transport and gives decent stability.

For AP you need something more substantial. Most go with an HEQ5 as a start with the EQ6 being the one that is future proof.

Have you looked at an EQ6 in the flesh?

Not small and lightweight!

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I'm with Sarah on this - I had an HEQ5 Pro and it was fine with a 200p, but when I added a tandem bar, guide scope, DSLR, guide camera, dew heaters etc it struggled a bit , so I've just upgraded to an NEQ6. Budget was an issue for me so I went for the Syntrek version rather than the Synscan version, saved over £100 and now use EQMOD for "Goto"


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i also have to agree on the NEQ6.

i've got a 250pds mounted on it and it seems to handle it fine. i've had a few images i'm happy with out of the set up.

and as regards weight i'd guestimate the mount and tripod weigh in at about 35-40kg, i manage that easily moving it from the shed to where i set up which is about 15ft, not sure i'd want to carry it much further tho. and height wise the mount stands at about 3-3 1/2' high with out the legs extended.

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