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Think about eyepiece set


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A snap decision, I sold my 8" dob that hardly ever gets used to a friend earlier today, so have some cash to spend.

Left with my 150P and Skymax 102, I'm wondering if it's worth investing some of the proceeds on an eyepiece set?? I've only used the standard ones that came with the telescopes, so have no real experience with eyepiece upgrades. Will I notice any benefit from buying something like this: Eyepiece Set? or should I be v sensible and put the money from the sale into the building society?

I doubt they would much improve the Skymax, but could extend the envelope of the 150P.

Thanks for any advice.

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For me one of the best ad-ons I purchased was some decent EP's, they really made the images I'm seeing come to life,

I would deffo say go for it, sod the building society, life's too short to save...lol

I went for the BST's and they suit my f/11 scope.

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I thought about a set but instead invested in a good 10mm and 38mm (and a 2" diagonal), got some superb views through them that I probably couldn't have got from a set eyepiece.

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I would not recommend buying a set, as it often leads to unused eyepieces.

I would get hold of 2-3 Good eyepieces over buying a set.

I will vouch for Televue Plossl, excelent eyepieces and with 20% off at present secnd hand are bargains, even new is.

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