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i have just receved a dual axis motor for my mount.reading the the paper work it said it may be necessary to loosen the worm gear on the mount.it said loosen the 4 screws, and then the 2mm screw in between them.i just have a hole there. on the dec and ra worm gear.


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yes got the allen key to fit.BUT gave it a turn done the other 4 up now mount wont move Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

undid it redone it all up no good.

is there a starting point with the grub screw

thanks for your help

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Try loosening the socket screws, then adjust the grub screw to adjust the worm gear, then tighten the socket screws.

I locked mine up first then realised I'd not screwed the grub in far enough and over tightened the screws.

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Hi all

ok all done.the think to do is just (1)loosen the bottom 2 screws.then (2)loosen the top 2 (the ones near the grub screw)turn grub screw 5mm,then tighten the 2 top screws.and test worm gear,if no good repeat (2). did take me some time


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