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Hello from Manchester


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hi kim from another manc:icon_salut:

i'm a beginner myself only been at it a few months,for what knowledge i've learnt in this time i'd take nightfishers advise,learn your way around the sky first b4 you take the plunge into imaging.

you'll realise when you get your scope out for the first time and look up at the sky that theirs so much for us newbies to firstly find and then marvel at through the eyepiece b4 we get into imaging.take your time look at other things you may need first,some good books,moon,lp filters,dew prevention,powertank if your thinking of driving out to a dark site.a shiny new EP.

I am in no way trying to dampen your enthusiasm for imaging,as i to came into this hobby with exactly the same thought(and still have)



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