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Hello from Manchester


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Hi there

I have had a little interest in astronomy for a few years now but never really taken it up. Also not really had the money to buy myself a telescope.

Finally my partner has bought me a Meade ETX 70 for my 40th birthday (which isn't till June, but he got excited that it arrived now :D:p) lol

So I'm here to learn and hope I can join some clubs too... I'm a complete novice and any help is much appreciated :(

Nice to meet you all, hope to chat soon

Kim ;)

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Hi Kim and welcome to the forum.

I take it Kim that you're not allowed to use this scope till June then? No chance, get started NOW! Congratulations on your scope and be nice to your partner, as he has made a very good choice.:D

Now children remember to take it in turns at the eyepiece as I don't want there to be any fighting!:p

Clear skies


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Hi guys. And thank you for such a warm welcome.... Iwas dying to get out with my scope last night but it was too cloudy :-( gutted. Think tonight is going to cloudy too...

As a newby, should my steps be small and simple or can I run ahead? I would like to eventually be able to take photos of what I am seeing. Any suggestions on cameras? And which is the best pc program to use..

Thanks again :-)


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