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Is this good scope

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Meade ETX 125 AT f/15 Maksutov GOTO Telescope.I have loads good info so far. I want a scope to see the colours of Jupiter and ring of Saturn clearly,deep space objects as best and as clearer as possible would this scope do me or can anyone guide to the write one,I have £600 -£650 thanks Scott

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Welcome! Your question suggests to me that you need to do some more research into telescopes. You need to be clearer what you're looking for in a scope and you need to understand that there is no "threshold" telescope beyond which the views become "clear." Views become progressively better as the aperture increases (atmospheric seeing conditions willing). My best advice is that you do more reading. Once you've read enough, you'll know what's right for you. I suggest you buy Turn Left at Orion. It's a good book for a beginner and will teach you what you need to know to begin the hobby. There's a lot of information to take in and a telescope is a personal choice.

You'll get different advice from different people. Personally, I suggest you don't buy a scope with goto. Spend your money on a simple instrument, such as a Dob, with an 8" or 10" mirror. Learning the sky isn't hard and it's fun. I think the Meade ETX is expensive for what you get and it won't work without a power supply. An 8" Dob gathers over 2.5 times as much light and costs less.

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This type of scope is good for planets and the moon, but not so good for deep sky.

This size scope will not offer you any more aperture than your existing 130P: http://stargazerslounge.com/beginners-help-advice/135690-whats-good-scope-600-a.html

Is the main reason for looking at another scope because of your problem with your AZ GoTo mount: http://stargazerslounge.com/beginners-help-advice/134202-help-my-skywatcher-mount.html ? Or is there something else? If it is the mount if you answered the question about describing how everything is connected then maybe someone might be able to help you with the mount issues. Did you purchase this from a retailer? If so have you contacted them about the mount problem?

I would think the 130P scope you already own is a good starter scope and will be fine for both the planets and deep sky viewing. It sounds like you have only had the opportunity to use it a couple of times which must be extremely frustrating for you, but it is worth sticking with this scope to see what you can get out of it first, before you look at buying another one to replace it.

If you are unable to resolve the mount issue, for whatever reason, have you considered buying a replacement mount for your existing scope?

I know you seem to want goto, but it can be rewarding finding stuff on your own. If you still want to buy another scope, have you considered a non computerised scope? As something like a 200p dob Dobsonians - Skywatcher Skyliner 200P Dobsonian would be easy to use and offer more bang for your buck. And with a scope this size you would be getting much more aperture than your current scope offers, which would improve your viewing. And a good book, such as Turn Left at Orion can really help with trying to locate objects in the sky.

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The ETX 125 is an f/15 scope giving a focal length of 1875mm.

As it is new, from the price, I would presume that it is the PE version. Please be aware that the scope will not align itself. It will determine where North and Level is but that is it. You have to align the scope.

When aligning set the scope up as accurate as possible before you start. It pays divdends, and use the eyepiece with the widest view to make it easy on yourself.

Being a Mak it will give decent views of planets etc, some colour will be discernable, but may depend on conditions. Jupiter and Saturn are both small and a long way off, this makes colour a bit weak. Try something around the 120-150x for planets - 12-15mm eyepiece.

Being 125 (5") you can view DSO's. You will however need to drop the magnification when doing this. So 20, 25, 30, 32mm eyepieces would be useful in this area.

Being the f number it is the scope will be tolerant on eyepieces so the standard plossl should work well. Really need none less then about 10-12mm.

You will need a power supply, if used at home then a mains converter is good.

Just reread the original post. It says ETX125 AT. Think that AT is the one without the North and Level ability so it is priced a bit too high. Is it used? If so the seller is asking a high price.

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I want a scope to see the colours of Jupiter and ring of Saturn clearly

Yes, this scope will do this.

deep space objects as best and as clearer as possible

No, this scope will not do this.

To see deep space objects "as best and clear as possible" you need a larger telescope - say 8" or more in aperture. 12" being the largest commonly size available before price starts going exponentially high with each additional size increase.

On the other hand, such large scopes are not so portable, and as has been stated often in the past: "You can see more with a portable scope in a dark location, than with a big scope in a light-polluted backyard." - of course that depends on your home situation - for many people lugging a big scope into the car is no big deal if their garage is where the scope lives anyway.

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I picked up a ext-105PE with mount from a camera shop never used but displayed (no original boxes) for £250.. There's an etx-125PE going for £400 on ebay.

Still playing with mine so not sure what it can do.. But it will work on 8 batteries for a good time... And it's light and easy to move around... Works without the mount so you can take it on holiday and just sit it on a table and it works. You only need the batteries/power for the goto part. It's my first scope and I think it's super.. Will be better when I work out how to use it :D


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Thanks everyone for your help,I think I will go for the skyliner 300p 12 inch £643 This is a big scope for money,the shop I got my 130p from has offered me refund once again thanks Scott.

Scott, good to hear you are able to get a refund on your 130p. And hopefully you will love the 12" dob. It is a great scope!


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A great choice, the ETX 125 is very good for the Moon and bright planets but the 12" Dob will give you so much more. Now you just have to learn where to point it! Well worth contacting a local Astronomical Society if you need help.

Good luck and enjoy the voyage,


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Check this out

7 months old excellent condition no marks or scratches comes complete with standard eye pieces 10mm and 25mm plossis and x2 delux barlow and cannon T-mount adaptor also baader hyperion modular eye pieces 5mm for planatary work and 17mm for general observing antares laser colimator and neximage ccd camera and software light pollution and moon filters Eq5 mount has modified with dual axsis stepper motors for tracking and astrophotography delivery possible

telescope skywatcher 200p with 9x50 finder eq5 mount on eBay (end time 03-Apr-11 21:11:42 BST)

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There is an 8" Celestron newt reflector + goto mount in the for sale section. Price is the sort of budget you were talkng about. But until you reach 50 posts, you can't see it directly. If it is of interest, then I'm sure one of us 50+ posters will let you have the info to contact the seller.

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Yes as David has kindly mentioned I have an 8" Reflector with goto mount made by Celestron for sale.

It is made by the same company as Skywatcher and trumps over the often recommended 200pEQ5 setup, it offers:

> Fully operational Goto with over 40,000 objects

> Sturdier tripod than Skywatcher with 2" steel legs

> Better tracking bearings than an equivalent Skywatcher mount

> Easier alignment software than the skywatcher

It is currently at the stonking price of £550 that is within your budget. One just sold on ebay for more than this and I only bought it new for £250 more a couple of months ago.

I also have a powerpack that would go hand in hand with this scope if you are interested I could make you a good deal.

Thought you might be interested!

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