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EQ6 owners - help please - tripod upgrade.


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Hi. Currently own a LXD 55 Mount. I oknw it has its detractors but it works for me. Want to upgrade the tripod as currently have the box aluminium type. Seen an EQ6 tripod for sale on Sherwoods Photo website but do not know if the LXD mount will fit. I've added photos below for help. The mount looks like a Vixen GP I had quite a few years ago. I've taken shots of the top of the current tripod and bottom of the mount.

The outside diameter measures 3.5 ins. The " notch" to the right on picture 3 fits inside the two bolts on the right of picture 4. You all know this !!!

The EQ6 could be overkill as I only mount my ED100R on this set up as of now but would be good if I went larger in the future. Bit of a night mare just finding a tripod with no mount TBH.

The question I ask is will this attach directly to the EQ6 tripod ?

If not = will it fit an EQ5 / CG5 tripod.

Any help much appreciated.






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The only alternative might be to approach a small engineering firm to see if they can create a coupling plate that helps join your mount and an EQ6 mount? I wouldn't imagine it to be expensive and would be straight forward to mill.

Clear skies


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Nice one chaps. Just the info I needed. May need to look at a standard EQ5 CG5 mount as hoping this may now fit the bill or see about JBM 1165 idea of a coupling plate.

Any kind peeps show me the top of their EQ5 / CG5 tripods with a scale as per Lookin Up's reply post. Gimme an idea if either of these tripods will take my mount.


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