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Stargazing in Peterborough area tonight?


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It's been pretty poor this last week. I want to have a drive out somewhere dark when the weather is right. No chance to recently though.

Have you had any success? I am always up for finding new dark sites near me.

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Well I'd planned to have a drive out and about around Marholm way on Friday but it wasn't very clear so I never bothered. Weather had been rubbish since then so scope has just been stood unused in the spare bedroom. :)

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Hi Cashman,

Welcome to the English weather! Have a look at this link; it may give you some ideas.


Scroll down till you find the map, then enlarge and start trying positions. Obviously (I think) the north Norfolk coast is the best area nearest to you, but it's not really somewhere you'd want to trip to every night! I'm doing the same as you at the moment, and am exploring the area south of Wisbech. I live in Whittlesey bye the way.



p.s. I've recently joined the P.A.S. - it's a great little group with friendly knowledgeable people.

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I live in Coates which is pretty dark. I used to stay in Ramsey Mereside and I was astronished just how dark it is down there...

So I'm looking forward to seeing just how dark it gets. I've only been here a few weeks, so it hasn't actually got dark yet :)



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