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New Top 10 Useful inexpensive things

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The original thread is here: http://stargazerslounge.com/beginners-help-advice/61004-top-10-useful-inexpensive-things.html

A Summary of suggested useful inexpensive things

  1. Warm Clothing
  2. Red Light torch/ LED head torch
  3. Spare Batteries / Hardware / Tool kit
  4. Velcro / sticky backed Velcro
  5. A good astronomy book / star maps / star lists
  6. Eye Patch
  7. Laser Pen/ Pointer (do not take to star parties!)
  8. Storage Box / Containers
  9. Table
  10. Glow in the dark paint / nail varnish / stickers / tape
  11. 12vDC Hair Dryer
  12. Pocket Warmers (snap/microwavable)
  13. Red Acetate (red film sheet)
  14. Nylon Tipped bolts
  15. Hand held spectroscope
  16. A comfy chair / stool / deckchair / sun-lounger (horizontal seating for binocular viewing)
  17. Night Vision Goggles
  18. Portable radio
  19. Bahtinov Mask / Focusing Mask
  20. Those 3 drawer plastic storage units that you see in PoundStretcher. Wilkinson.
  21. Small Step Stool
  22. Cheap torch and red felt tip pen.
  23. Large plastic washing basket for carrying stuff
  24. Old sheets bedcovers for covering scope
  25. Light sheets can be used as a ground covering to outline dropped pieces
  26. Snack foods, coffee, water
  27. Reading glasses, compass, watch, pen and notepad
  28. Glasses cord for hanging the specs round your neck
  29. Heated insoles
  30. Dew shield
  31. Gaffer Tape
  32. Multi-tool
  33. Wire, string, rope
  34. Lighter, Matches, Blowtorch
  35. Bug spray
  36. First aid kit
  37. White cables
  38. 3M reflective tape
  39. Spirit level
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An alternative to red felt tip is brakelight repair tape available from car accessory shops / autoparts stores. This comes in a small roll and can be cut / torn to size.

Also, included in warm clothing should be a multi pack of ladies tights (yes, I am a bloke). Outdoor workers such as builders and painters / decorators swear by them in cold weather so see if you can get hold of a few pairs (please wait until your wife / girlfriend / significant other has finished wearing them and be prepared for some funny looks in shops).

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Also, included in warm clothing should be a multi pack of ladies tights (yes, I am a bloke) ... be prepared for some funny looks in shops).
Not inexpensive but if you really want to stay warm, cycling tights and you don't get funny looks in the shop.

Running leggings likewise. You can get el cheapo ones in places like Decathlon and they're a great extra layer. I wear mine whenever I go camping somewhere high and silly. :)

Thanks for the ideas, everybody. The glow-in-the-dark paint is particularly brilliant (pardon pun).

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- saw (for annoying trees and branches),

- jet contrail disperser (no such thing, sadly),

- loving spouse/partner who buys you things with "TeleVue" labels on the box for your Birthday (neither are "inexpensive" though)

- more patience than I have, (free, but impossible),

- Pink Floyd on my ipod (child of the 60's!)

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one thing i have found handy is rear cycle lights (£1 from poundland) to put at the foot of the tripod legs.

saves kicking the legs by accident after all the setting up time !

might need a bit of tape to cover them or turn them inwards as they can be a bit bright.

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