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Well heres my M51, its my first attemp at an image integrating the LRGB with Ha

This is

22x5min L

20x3min RG

13x3min B

20x10min Ha

The Ha was blended with the red channel set to opacity 30% and lighten... not sure if thats right??

Take with zenthistar 70 and 314l+

The blue channel stars are always fatter than the red and green ones, I assume its down to the scope, so I used the reduce halo's action from noels package and it works but kills the star colour :D


Imaged through bad LP as well... near centre of portsmouth

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Tried a reproccess at this in pixinsight without the Ha data (as ive not worked out how to use it in pixinsight yet...

Im not sure... detail in galaxy looks better to me, but the colour looks pretty bland

Maybe RGB imaging through this light pollution is not going to happen... roll on narrowband


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