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Polarfinder question

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Downloaded this pretty neat wee programme but wondering how to actually use it. I understand that I set it to todays date and my latitude / longitude. Then I can find when polaris is in transit but seeing at what time it is located at directly 6 o'clock position on Polarfinder. So for example if Polaris is in transit today at 2pm (polaris at exactly 6 o'clock position on Polarfinder) for my co-ordinates how does this help me align the scope?

Do I simply put polaris always at the 6 o'clock position via my polarscope? Or do I put in the actual time of when I am observing (eg 8pm) and see what position polaris is in and adjust to match in my polarscope? I'm guessing the second way is correct but then what point to actually know the transit point of polaris?

Sorry if this is a dumb question!

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Hi Steve. I had the similar question and couldnt work it out but.....

Find Date and time of transit at your location.

Rotate RA until Polaris circle is at 6 o'clock

Rotate Date and Time setting circles by loosening the little grub screw and set to the transit date and time.

When you go out to observe. Rotate RA till date and time line up (Your observing date and time) Look through polarscope and set polaris into the little circle by using the Longitude/Latitude bolts.


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To start with I assume your polarscope is the one with an offset showing the position of Polaris as a small ring, you are also using Polar Finder. The very best thing for you to do is throughly digest Asto_Baby`s Polar Aligning the HEQ5, it is really very good indeed, the only other thing for you to remember is that a Polar Transit will take place at midnight on the 1st of November, so you can calibrate your setting circles in the comfort of your living room.


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I was not aware of this until I read some threads by Great_Bear during the early part of May last year. I am not sure about the Ukraine, but I did have a rummage through Polar Finder for various locations and years to the programs limits, and yes 1st Nov midnight : Polar Transit. there is only need to set your polar slide rule once, although you can juggle with Polar Finder and find a transit time for each 24 hours, if you put in your details, then find the time of a transit, you can then alter it until it reads an exact hour, which is easy to set on your scale, final adjustments are undertaken by simply moving back and forth in days.


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Polaris transits twice a day. Its just easier to align scope with one time than the other.

i.e.setting circles on top not twisted all the way around

Rise/Set/Transit Times for Major Solar System Bodies and Bright Stars: Locations Worldwide — Naval Oceanography Portal This site will tell you with you long/lat for any day




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Hmmm....I've tried both these programmes and coming up with 2 different times -

According to PF transit occurs at 14.40

According to posted link transit occurs at 13.52

Can anyone check me on this - I am 34.33.05 E / 49.35.22 N

It's the first clear night in ages here and I'm desperate to have a go!

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