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manoeuvring the scope

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ok so you've set your scope up and you're looking up at the Pleiades, and then later you swing round to see Cassiopeia, but later still you spot Saturn rising. So you swing the scope round but find that now your eyepiece is pointing down to the floor.

It it normal practice to loosen off the tube rings and rotate the OTA back round to the eyepiece is at a comfortable point or is there another method that I'm missing? like a meridian flip or something?

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Like you I have had this problem,I just pick up the whole set up and point it in the general direction that I want to view if its the complete opposite direction. If needs I do rotate the the OTA. Wether this is right or wrong I don't know. (BTW I,m not tracking when doing this ) its just general observation work with my Evostar 80ED DS-PRO on the EQ3 mount

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Me and my mate (he has the same scope as you) both loosen the tube rings and twist the OTA to get the ep to an comfy angle. I don't see any other way round it. Maybe someone more experienced may know another way round it.

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This is one of the reasons that I use alt-azimuth mounts - the eyepiece and finder are always in an accessible position.

I've seen newtonians where the whole top section of the scope rotates (Sir Patrick Moore's 15" for example) which is a neat idea but difficult to execute properly I believe.

One of the Russian manufacturers (Intes Micro perhaps ?) used to market special tube rings with bearings in that allowed the scope to be easily rotated then quickly locked into place. There would be a market for this sort of thing I think.

A lower tech approach is to buy a single extra tube ring and place it above the other two with some teflon pads where the new ring rests on the top of the current one to act as low friction surface . You should be able to leave the 2 main tube rings slightly loose then and rotate the tube, which won't slide down because the extra ring keeps it in place.

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I allways loosen the rings and twist the OTA so the ep is in a comfortable position. I think that if you're carefull and don't let the tube slip you're not gonna alter the balance, you've got a centremetre or so either way where its not going to affect you're balance

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