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32mm Eyepiece

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I'm looking to fill in a gap in my range of eyepieces by adding a 32mm, Just now I go from a 42mm 2" down to 25mm and lower all on 1.25" What would be better, buying the 32mm in 2" or 1.25" formats?

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2" ep's give a wider field so you can see larger objects - plus it depends on your scope and what you're looking to see. Sct's/Maks have a narrower fov than say a large dob.

I'd be looking to improve quality as well as fov and barrel size - up to yourself really but usually a 32mm would be a wide field 2" (though not allways) :D

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The main difference between the 1.25" and 2" eyepieces at this focal length is the 2" will be available with a wider field.

Giving you a bigger area of sky to look at which is often more desirable.

This is offset against the fact the 2" will almost unavoidably be heavier.

If they are of even quality the 2" will be more expensive too.

It really depends on whether you feel you need the wide field or not.

If not the 1.25" could save you money and maybe having to add counter weights to your scope.

Regards Steve

Regards Steve

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Thanks for your replies, I got myself a used Skywatcher Explorer 250 on EQ6 so Im sure the weight wont be too much of a problem, the 42mm 2" Kellner (Skywatcher) eyepiece I got with it seems to me to be reasonable quality - havent had a chance to compare it with any other makes yet.

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