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owning a 10" lx200, but seldom using it, I am currently enjoying using a deckchair+bino combination to get back into observing.. there is a lot of satisfaction in...

- wandering around Melotte 111

- discovering the delightful Kembles Cascade

- finding M51 in binoculars on a light polluted sky

having trouble with Leo trio in binos.. LP washes them all away..

Anyway, the simple things are to be recommended...

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Binoculars are just great aren't they. They are a lovely informal way of stargazing. I really rediscovered that last summer with the 15x70s I got then. Just wandering around the Sagittarius/Scorpius region is amazing.

The Leo triplet can be tough in my C8 with LP, so Iam not surprised you did not find it. M81 and M82 are a great deal easier. I trundled through Mel 111 two days ago with the C8 looking for galaxies, but should have been paying attention to the cluster itself. It would have been a great sight with the 10x50s, which can take in the whole cluster.

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A good little report, nice to see that you are picking up some of the fainter targets even with urban ligth pollution. I can manage M51 and M101 jsut about through my binocs under mag 4.5 skies, that is probably aboutthe limit from Crewe but I have had amazing views with them from a dark site.

Binoculars are fantastic aren't they? Just perfect for grab n go sessions when the 'scope seems like too much hassel and you want decent widefield views. Also great for travelling light as well.

Which binoculars have yo got? I use the Celestron 15x70s and they are brill for what I paid for them new from FLO.

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